While on campus, guest and visitors to The New School may use the newschool-guest wireless network to access the Internet. To meet legal requirements, you must register with your email address and mobile telephone number to obtain access to the guest network. Upon registration, a password will be sent to you via (a) the email address you registered with, and (b) SMS text message to the mobile phone number you entered. Once registered, your account will be active for one week (7 days).

The easiest way to register is to wait until you're on campus, and then connect to the newschool-guest network and bring up a web browser, which will automatically take you to the registration page. However, this requires that you have a mobile device with you that can either (a) receive text messages or (b) access your email via a cellular (not wifi) data network. Note: SMS text message delivery works with all international telephone numbers; it is not necessary to have a U.S. telephone number.

Guests and visitors who will be visiting campus without a mobile device capable of either receiving text messages or accessing email via cellular data networks may pre-register for a newschool-guest account before arriving on campus. To do this, click the "Pre-Register for Access" button below. Then save the text message or print the email and bring it with you. Please remember that accounts are active for one week (7 days) after registration, so don't register too early.


As an alternative to registering for newschool-guest, visitors whose organizations are members of the eduroam consortium can connect to the eduroam network using credentials from their home institution while on the New School campus.

For more information on The New School's wireless network options, visit the IT website.